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An archipelago
of landscapes SUSTAINABLE

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Lose track of time in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Getting into the real spirit of the Azores is as natural as recognising the archipelago as one of the most incredible European destinations. Take a sustainable trip and see how easy it is to feel at home among the sea, the lakes and the stunning scenery.

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Be inspired by what the Azores have to offer.

Miradouro da Lagoa do Fogo

São Miguel

It’s one of the main picture postcards on the Island of São Miguel. A 30-metre-deep lake that’s been part of the Nature Reserve since 1974. It lies in the crater of the Fogo volcano, dormant for over 15 thousand years, and almost untouched by human hands ever since, preserving much of the wild fauna and flora.

Grota do Inferno Viewpoint

São Miguel

Viewpoint with panoramic view. You can see four lakes at the same time in the Sete Cidades area: Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Lagoa Rasa, Lagoa de Santiago and Lagoa do Canário.

Criação Velha


UNESCO World Heritage since 2004. Wine grapes are grown in black lava fields. You can see various walls parallel and perpendicular to the coast, whose purpose is to protect the vines from the wind and seawater.

Miradouro Serra do Cume


One of the biggest attractions on the island of Terceira, offering a panoramic view and excellent visibility. 

The view boasts a vast green plain dotted with natural stone walls. 

Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro


Ideal for relaxing, meditating and contemplating the silence. Paradisical spot not to be missed on this island. The incredible lagoon showcases the cliff with its myriad of waterfalls.